Topic: Hasluck's Cottages, Molesworth Street (Constructed 1902 - removed/demolished 1980s)

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Haslucks Cottages, Molesworth Street, Detail From Whites Aviation, May 1951

Detail from May 1951 View, Whites Aviation, Alexander Turnbull Library

This row of six cottages was constructed for New Plymouth property investor William John Vaughn Hasluck in 1902. Hasluck was a property investor who resided in the villa at present 95 Belt Road, but owned a number of houses across New Plymouth which he rented-out. 

A permit was granted to Hasluck by the New Plymouth Borough Council on the 23rd of May 1902 for the construction of six cottages on Town Sections 1363, 1364 & 1365, Molesworth Street - Percy Jury was the builder, and the estimated construction cost for each cottage was £240? (the original price of £190 crossed-out).

The cottages survived until the 1980s, when they were either removed or demolished to make way for the construction of the present commercial buildings. The cottages were located at present numbers 126-136 Molesworth Street.

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Hasluck's Cottages, Molesworth Street (Constructed 1902 - removed/demolished 1980s)

City:New Plymouth