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101 Lemon Street 2017

2017 View: By Hamish Crimp

In August 1911 a permit was granted to G. W. Hartnell for the construction of a 'building' on Town Section 1581, Lemon Street; the estimated construction cost was £180. This permit most likely relates to the house currently at 101 Lemon Street.

This half of Town Section 1581 was sold to H. Hodges in July 1911, so it is unclear why G. W. Hartnell was listed as the proprietor. However, Hartnell was a well known New Plymouth builder, so he was likely the builder of the home. 

Originally this home had a steep gabled roof typical of villas, however, at some stage the pitch has been altered to its current form. The original roof is present in 1960s aerial photos, although the home appears to be particularly run-down - perhaps it is a miracle that the home has survived at all. 

Reconstruction of the original roof profile would greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home. 

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