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31 Young Street 2017

                              by Hamish Crimp

Little is known about the history of this cottage. The style seems to indicate a late Nineteenth or early Twentieth Century building - however its original windows have likely been replaced, and it is currently clad in fibrolite - estimating a construction date is thus difficult. 

However, a structure in the same location, and of similar size is indicated on Skinner's 1880 Map of New Plymouth - it is possible that this building could thus be pre 1880, although closer inspection of the building would be required.

The eastern and western roof profiles are slightly different, and may indicate extensions to the original cottage at some stage.

Town Section 168 was originally owned by Henry Hooker in the Nineteenth Century, and it is possible this could have been his family home - he may have also owned the cottage at 39 Young Street (now removed), located on the same section.

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