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Cas Palace (Photo News 18 March 1960) 

This two-storey building was located at 5 Devon Street East - just up the hill from Currie Street on the north-side.

It was erected in 1876 for the drapers, Cosgrave & Co.,  and traded as the 'Cash Palace'. A detailed description of the building can be found in the attached web-link.  

When the building was demolished in 1960 the Taranaki Herald reported that the old building had an "interesting history". The stone wall visible in the photo above was said to have been built by the stonemason, Phillip Moon, who had arrived in New Plymouth in 1842. It was also thought that Chew Chong had leased the building for a time - Chew Chong also owned a three-storey building to the east of this one.

The building also had a link with Sir Walter Nash, Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1957-1960. During WWI Nash was a partner in a tailoring business which had a workshop on the top floor. The last business to operate from the building was a clothing manufactuer, Barrs Children's Wear.

A new ANZ Bank was then built on this and the corner site - now Lander & Black Pharmacy (see below).

Lander & Black Pharmacy.

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