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This is a topic for members to contribute short stories which describe incidents that are part of the history of our province.

A Little Taste of Devon  By Lial Bredin

The names of streets in the Lynmouth area are taken from the names of characters in the novel "Lorna Doone"


Droving on the Coast  By Lial Bredin

In the 1930's and 40's thousands of cattle and sheep were moved along our rural roads. Today this practice is against the law.


Fund Raising   By Lial Bredin

In smaller districts when a building needs repairs or there are donations to make all will take part in collecting the needed funds.


Little Aub Stories   By Lial Bredin

Little Aub was a character on the coast, He was a farmer who believe in life off the land and not spending a dollar where he did not have to.


Living off the Land   By Lial Bredin

With many activities where somethings is produced there are by products and off casts that can be used to advantage.


Willie Stories     By Lial Bredin

Life has been hard on Willie.  He had to leave Ireland as a young man and he came half way around the world to Coastal Taranaki.

Within a few short years he was back in Europe. This time to fight in World War I .    Bady wounded and with a steel plate in his head

he was advised to live quietly in the country.  He came back to Coastal Taranaki where he became one of the much loved local characters.


Bullock Stories

A number of stories about Bullock and their uses in early Taranaki settlements, helping breaking in the land for farming. In one PDF file by Lial Bredin


Things happen

Some times things just happen to us, if we want them or not. This is a collection of such stories. A collection of stories in one PDF file by Lial Bredin


Gone  fishing

A number of stories about fishing seen through the eyes of Tom All in one PDF file. By Lial Bredin












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