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Deem and Shearer Building 2018

2018 View: By Hamish Crimp

This building may have been constructed around 1878 for butcher H. B. Curtis, or in 1911 as the new Inglewood offices for solicitors Weston and Weston - it is currently unclear which date is correct, and it is possible parts of the old building remain, and were extensively renovated in 1911. It is widely believed that the building was constructed circa 1878, and a building of similar shape and dimensions is present in a C. Aubrey painting of Inglewood from 1896, and an "old building" is still marked on a DP dated February 1911 (possibly surveyed earlier).

However, newspaper reports seem to suggest that a new building was constructed on this site for Weston and Weston in early 1911:

  • On 17th January 1911 it was reported that Weston and Weston had purchased "the corner site opposite the Inglewood Hotel from Mr J. Gibbs for offices for their Inglewood Branch". A similar report on 18th January stated that "Messrs Weston and Weston have bought a piece of land at Gernhoefer's corner and intend building offices there shortly". 
  • Later, on 22nd April 1911, it was reported that Weston and Weston were now occupying their "up-to-date and well-lighted" new offices at "Gernhoefer's corner, which will presumably be in future known as Weston's corner". 
  • The Taranaki Herald of 5th April 1911 reported that "Messrs Percival and Messenger (architects), on behalf of Messrs Weston and Weston, wrote asking the council to asphalt the footpaths in front of the latter's new offices". 

Later occupiers of the building include lawyers Deem and Billing, and later Deem and Shearer. 

H. B. Curtis operated a butchery on this site in about 1876, and in mid-1876, it was reported that Curtis was operating from a 'tin building', presumably clad in corrugated iron. In January 1893 it was reported that "Mr H. B. Curtis has leased his residence and butchery business for seven years to Mr Waldron who will carry on the butchering there". 

The McFarlane's opened a cafe in the building in the 1990s, and it is now occupied by Caffe Windsor.

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Deem and Shearer Building/Caffe Windsor (1878? 1911?)