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This wooden building was originally constructed as a bakery for Mr J. Turner in early 1897. Just prior to the building being constructed, in December 1896, this portion of the section was subdivided by owner C. O. Smith (see DP1009), and sold to Mr Turner.

Turner only operated the bakery for a few years, before selling the business and premises to the Moa Farmers Union in early 1900 for £900 - The Moa Farmers Union already occupied two neighbouring shops, and continued to operate Turner's bakery business under their own name.

The building remained a bakery for many years - in the 1990s it was occupied by Maxwell's Bakery.

When constructed, the front section of the building was a single story shop, and the back portion was two-storied (probably living quarters). In the circa 1940s, another story was added to the front section, and this has somewhat dimished the aesthetic vaues of the building. 

Moa Farmers Union Inglewood Bakery (Puke Ariki collection)

Circa 1910 view before front first floor addition: Image courtesy Puke Ariki, not to be reproduced without permission

The building is located within a precinct with a number of 1870s-1900s commercial buildings - such an association is now rare in New Plymouth District. Full restoration of the building to its original state would greatly enhance its aesthetic and heritage values.

As a pre-1900 building, any alterations to the original portion of the shop, or earthworks on the section, may require archaeological authority from Heritage New Zealand. 

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Moa Farmers Union Inglewood Bakery, 11 Moa Street (1897)