Inglewood Town Hall - About 1913-14  

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This attractive Arts and Crafts style home was constructed for County Engineer Robert D, Climie in 1922 - The home was designed by celebrated Arts and Crafts architect James Walter Chapman-Taylor. 

The first Inglewood Hotel, was constructed on this site in 1875 for Messrs Langley Bros, with the builder being Mr Dan Berry - at this time Inglewood was a mere clearing in the forest. This hotel was removed from the site in early 1905, and re-erected a little further down Kelly Street, near the intersection with Cutfield Street; following relocation it was renovated, and reopened as a bakery. The old hotel was finally demolished in 1917 to enable the construction of a large garage for Newton King (also since demolished); however, the timber was reported to

This grand two-storied villa was constructed in 1911 as a catholic presbytery for the neighbouring Sacred Heart Church. 

The architect was J. T. Mannix, who advertised for tenders for its construction in January 1911.

The villa is very similar in style to the two-storied villas designed by James Sanderson and Frank Messenger in the late 1890s and early 1900s, with 1911 particularly late for a villa in this style. 

Moa Farmers Union Inglewood Bakery (Puke Ariki collection).

This wooden building was originally constructed as a bakery for Mr J. Turner in early 1897. Just prior to the building being constructed, in December 1896, this portion of the section was subdivided by owner C. O. Smith (see DP1009), and sold to Mr Turner.

Turner only operated the bakery for a few years, before selling the business and premises to the Moa Farmers Union in early 1900 for £900 - The Moa Farmers Union already occupied two neighbouring shops, and continued to operate Turner's bakery business under their own name.

Moa Street Inglewood, Supplement to the Auckland Weekly News, 14 August 1902.


Moa Street Inglewood, Supplement to the Auckland Weekly News, 14 August 1902

Moa Street Inglewood showing Railway Hotel following addition of veranda, Supplement to the Auckland Weekly News, 14 August 1902


The former Railway Hotel is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Inglewood, and was constructed in late 1876 as a general store for Mr William Carter. However, the building was too large for Carter's general store, and he soon relocated to a smaller building on Moa Street.

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