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Instrument Pics.
Investigation of Maori music
Omata specs.
Ellie's research question
Changing cost of muskets.
What model musket did they have and were they capable of - effective as weapons? -Uses? - hunting - security - propaganda - trading
Land Wars-Treaty Day thing.

Who provoked the start of the Maori Land Wars? Did the leaders of the community (if any) irritate each other, thereby starting the war? Was there some disagreement between the leaders of the community? Who did what? Who provoked who? Was it a hard-out war? Was it a calm-discussion-in-a-conference-room war? What was the society like back then? What happened during the war? How long did the war last? Was the community badly affected by the war? Why did it start? Where did it happened (where to where)? was it a communist society back then? Did any other countries participate? What

Research by students of Highlands Intermediate School in association with Puke Ariki Education.

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Warrior armed with Musket.

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