Topic: Founders Plantation & Plaque 1991 (Waimea Street Reserve)

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Founders Plantation Plaque 1991

The Waimea Street Reserve was chosen as the site for a commemoration of 150 years since the first Plymouth Company ship arrived in New Plymouth. On 5 June 1991 the then mayor, David Lean, unveiled the Founders Plantation Plaque and 1,991 native trees were planted.

Individuals, families, clubs and businesses were able to sponser a tree at a cost of $40 each. The two large cylindrical-shaped installations near the plaque record the names of those who donated trees to the project. There is also a small plaque behind the two cylinders which records more names. 

Much of the tree planting was carried out in the Salaman-Simpson Reserve on the other side of the Waimea Stream.

Founders Plantation Commemoration (Waimea Street Reserve)

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Founders Plantation & Plaque 1991 (Waimea Street Reserve)

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