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Honeyfield Seat 

Nestled on the overgrown northern slopes of the Ngāmotu Domain is the now neglected and vandalised Honeyfield Seat. The plaque reads "Presented by Mr and Mrs W. Honeyfield 9th December1925". 

The domain was officially opened by the Mayor, Mr F.E.Wilson, on 28 November 1925. Although there was no mention of the Honeyfield Seat in the opening day report an earlier article (TH 26 November 1925) indicated that the seat had been erected. The 9 December 1925 date on the plaque may be the date of its unveiling, although no report of this has yet been found.

The linked photo (Auckland Weekly News, 10 December 1925) taken on opening day shows the large crowd, the new entrance gates (since removed) and a barren hillside. 

(If anyone has a photo of the Honeyfield Seat in earlier times, please add it to this topic or contact staff at the Taranaki Research Centre I Te Pua Wānanga o Taranaki at Puke Ariki.)

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Honeyfield Seat (Ngāmotu Domain)

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