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1616 Mountain Road             1 Tawa Street 

     (1616 Mountain Rd)                                         (1 Tawa St)

P.G.Nops Reserve, located at the southern entrance to Inglewood, also includes two houses.

Percy George Nops was a long-standing Inglewood businessman with interests in finance, land and property. He died on 3 September, 1954, aged 83, and did not leave a will. The Public Trust was appointed to administer his estate and his sole surviving brother, Walter Nops, was the beneficiary.

Walter Nops then gifted a block of land, part of Percy's estate, to the Inglewood County Council and Inglewood Borough Council - the sections straddled the boundary between the two territorial authorities. The land included two houses which are currently rented out.

Lot 1 DP8128 comprises a parcel 1897 sq. m. and a residence which is thought to have been built about 1920.

Lot 3 DP 8128 comprises a parcel 2959 sq. m. and a residence built a little later, perhaps 1930.

At this stage little is known about either building.  

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