Otaka and Mataipu Plaque

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Otaka and Mataipu Plaque.


Otaka and Mataipu

 This park has been established on part of the site occupied by Otaka pa and the fishing kainga (village) Mataipu.

 Here, early in 1832, Otaka was attacked by a force of invading Waikato fresh from their attack and defeat of the large pa, Pukerangiora, on the banks of the Waitara River. After a prolonged siege, Waikato were defeated by the local hapu, Ngati Te Whiti under Poharama Te Whiti and Te Wharepouri and several Te Atiawa chieftains, including Tautara,Te Puni, Rawakitua, Ngatata, Porutu, Wi Hape and Te Raru. The assistance of three cannons belonging to local Pakeha traders, led by John Love and Richard Barrett were critical to the outcome. (see Traders sign)

 Although the local iwi were victorious, the continual threat of further invasions from the north caused many to move to Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington) where their descendants remain to this day.

 The future Maori leader, Te Whiti o Rongomai, was born here during the siege at Otaka.

 One of the defenders and paramount chief of Ngati Te Whiti, Poharama, lies in the urupa alongside this park.

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