Spear Lily

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Spear Lily.


Photo Phil Bendle


Scientific name: Doryanthes excelsa

Family: Doryanthaceae
Genus: Doryanthes
Species: excelsa

Description Spear Lily is a large, succulent herb which grows as a rosette.
It's hairless leaves are sword-shaped, and up to 3 m long and 20 cm wide.
The flowering stalk is up 6 m high, and bears numerous much shorter leaves to 30 cm long.
The flower head contains up to 350 flowers, and is up to 120 cm long.
The flowers are red or reddish-brown, 6-12 cm long, and upright to slightly spreading.
The fruit is egg-shaped and 7 - 9 cm long, and contains seeds that are 15-22 mm long.
Flowers occur in late winter to spring.

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