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This is my conclusion about Von Tempsky and his role in Taranaki history.
Royal Navy officers arrive at Apia, Samoa, 29 August 1914, with the demand for German surrender..
What happened in Samoa when NZ attacked.
What was it like to be a conscientious objector

The first tanks were known as the Mark I and were designated as male or female depending on their armament. The male weighed 30 tons, had a speed of 3 1/2 mph and was 26 ft long, 14 ft wide and 8 ft high. It was armed with two 6 pounder guns and four Hotchkiss machine guns. The female was armed with one Hotchkiss machine gun and four Vickers machine guns. "Arms and Uniforms" p126, Liliane & Fred Funken Wardlock Ltd London, 1974 Many traditional soldiers took a dislike to the tanks and when the war ended they expected the

Death of Von Tempsky.
This is a research project on the question: What role did Von Tempsky play in Taranaki history?

Results of Francis Douglas Research

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Conscientious objectors.

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