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Edward Leslie Hughes diary entry.
Edward Leslie Hughes was born in Christchurch in 1886. He trained as an engineer.  However , he later served on the Western

Coming Home themes 

  • Journeying: How do those who go away to war get home again - both from overseas, and within New Zealand?  What is the journey like, and the arrival? What about those who do not return - what journeys in their place?
  • Meeting: How is the homecoming commemorated? A special dinner?  A parade?  A memorial opening?
  • Carrying: What do those who go away to war bring back with them? Souvenirs? Stories? Wives? Wounds? Diseases? Silences? Memories of new experiences?
  • Transitioning: How do New Zealand service personnel transition back into civilian life? What is the role of organisations such the RSA, or the family, church, state, pubs, and clubs?

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