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Inglewood Town Hall - About 1913-14.
   The Inglewood Township was established in 1875. This topic will focus mainly, but not exclusively, on heritage buildings. We would
Francis Dillon Bell.
Quite a short street, Bell St leads from Coronation Ave to New Plymouth's largest tertiary education provider, Witt. The son
Horne Street.
John Horne was born in Bedfordshire, England, in 1865. He was the eldest of nine boys in a family of
St John Ambulance Building.
  This two-storey building on the north-side of Devon Street West (opposite St Joseph's Catholic Church) was buiilt in 1873
9 Young Street.
                                                       (Google street view, June 2013) After the demolition of Richard Brown's 19th century board and batten house
Brown Residence (Young Street).
                                                                                                              (Puke Ariki collection, A.2c.46)    When this house in Young Street was demolished in 1946 the Daily News reported
154 Devon Street West.
  This building was built in 1945 for the motor mechanic and panel beater, Stanley Elliott. A permit was issued for the
Gill Street.
Regular readers of this column will know that a number of early New Plymouth streets were named after directors of
Guardsman Factory.
  The importance of the opening of the Guardsman factory in Devon Street East was indicated by the presence of
Everett Scenic Reserve .
Everett Road will be familiar to many readers who have visited its scenic reserve or stayed at the well-known holiday


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