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Roebuck Memorial Headstone.
Okato Cemetery, Okato
St Andrew's Church Hall.
  St. Andrew's Church Hall faces Courtenay Street and stands just down from the Liardet Street corner. St Andrew's Presbyterian Church (see linked
Manuka Place.
  Manuka is the name of an Aussie Rules footy team in Canberra, the national capital of the West Island.
George Street.
  George Street, in lower Vogeltown, is named after one of New Plymouth's early residents; the successful businessman James Cartwright
W K Hulke Plaque & Grave.
Former St Luke's Church Cemetery, Murray St, Bell Block
Headstone - Grannie Membery.
Headstone , Otakeho Cemetery, SH 45 (Surf Highway) (1918 Influenza Epidemic casualty.)
Convent Grotto.
Dawson St, New Plymouth
Mackie Memorial Gates.
Otakeho Cemetery, SH 45 (Surf Highway), Otakeho
Seaspray House.
  This large two-storey wooden house was built in 1913 by George Hartnell. A permit was issued to Hartnell on 13


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