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This substantial home clad in plain weatherboard was constructed in the 1930s for Joe Gardner, the then director of prominent New Plymouth company Boon Bros (see Boon Bros building on Gover Street).

What makes this home unique is what's inside - a number of pieces salvaged from Newton King's home at Brooklands following its demolition in the 1930s. The most important piece of Brooklands to find a new life in this home is the grand staircase - complete with carvings of "oak leaves and acorns". 

According to an article by Rhonda Bartle in 2007 (see linked), Boon Bros purchased most

5 McLean Street 2017.

5 McLean Street 2017

by Hamish Crimp

Thought to have been constructed in the early 1900s following subdivision of this area, this villa clad in rusticated weatherboard has thus far withstood the tide of redevelopment which has seen many character homes in this part of New Plymouth demolished - however it's likely this villa will soon also be removed in the name of 'progress'. 

The villa has high streetscape value, and is situated in a prominent elevated position. It is in largely original condition, retaining its original sash windows. 

203 Powderham Street 2017.

203 Powderham Street 2017

by Hamish Crimp

Little is currently known about the history of this cottage, however based on its style it is estimated to have been constructed sometime in the 1880s or 1890s. 

The front of the cottage is clad in rusticated weatherboard, and the sides and rear in plain roughsawn weatherboard - typical for homes of this period. It retains some original sash windows, and the front french doors are possibly also original. 

This cottage is part of a cluster of late Nineteenth Century cottages centred around nearby Morley Street. 

15 Clemow Road 2017.

15 Clemow Road 2017

by Hamish Crimp

Little is known about the history of this cottage, however based on its style it was probably constructed in the early 1900s. The front of this cottage is clad in rusticated weatherboard, and the sides in plain weatherboard (possibly replaced at some stage) - at the front are two double hung sash windows.

This cottage is a rare survivor from the early years of 'Fitzroy Township', with most cottages now replaced by larger homes. It is in good condition and has high streetscape value, adding character to

208 Devon Street West 2017.

208 Devon Street West 2017

by Hamish Crimp

This small workers cottage was probably constructed in the 1910s, although possibly earlier given its small size. It is clad in rusticated weatherboard with exposed rafters and probably retains its original windows and door - features consistent with a construction date in the 1910s. 

The cottage is very similar to nearby 35 Weymouth Street and it's thought they were probably constructed around the same time. 

Along with 35 Weymouth, and 4, 6 and 20 Aubrey Street, this cottage is part of probably New Plymouth's most important


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