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The passage of the Paritutu Centennial Park Act through parliament in 1938 paved the way for the creation of a
Mr Percy Stainton (SW1953.0139).
  When a narrow lane was developed in Fitzroy in 1974 to provide access off Clinton Street to the shops,
Seaview Road.
  Seaview is one of those street names, like Ridge Lane and Beach Road, which are linked closely to their
Ta Paora Drive.
  This street is named after The Rt Rev and Hon Sir Paul Alfred Reeves (ONZ GCMG GCVO QSO CF
Spencer Place.
  Regular readers of this column will know that by the 1970s - when this road was formed - many
Whangaehu Co-op Dairy Factory.
Whangaehu Village Road, Whangaehu
Te Horo Co-op Dairy Factory.
Te Horo Beach Road, Te Horo


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