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Lupton Street.

Lupton Street 

Lupton Street, located off Weraroa Road in Waverley, is named after Isaac Lupton. He was born at South Stainley, Yorkshire, England on 29 June 1834 to Isaac and Mary Lupton (nee Goodman).

He arrived in New Zealand in the 1860s. Isaac Lupton settled in Otago and Blenheim, before moving to Wairoa, (now known as Waverley).

The town's name was officially changed to Waverley in 1876 to avoid confusion with other towns called Wairoa. Many of the area's early settlers

Victoria Street (Waitara).

Victoria Street (Waitara) 

Victoria Street, developed in the 1960s, is named after an Australian ship that played a role in the first Taranaki War 100 years earlier.

The Victoria was a sail and steam propelled sloop, built in Britain in the 1850s at the then staggering cost of £38,000, more than five times the initial estimate. Armed with two 32-pounder cannons, it was purchased by the government of Victoria, Australia, in 1856 to assist in defending the fledgling colony. Never having to do

C.C.Ward (47 Currie Street).

C.C.Ward (47 Currie Street) 

A permit for this two-storey building was issued on 11 March 1925. Although the architect is not noted in the register it's likely the firm Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor were responsible. They designed the companion building which was built a little later on Devon Street East (see linked topic).

The builders were Julian & Sons and the estimated cost was £2,250.

On 11 July 2017 the building was sealed off by the New Plymouth District Council after inspections revealed "gravity column damage". The laneway next to the building has

Mangemange Stream Bridge.

Mangemange Stream Bridge 

Mangemange Stream Bridge

Photograph: 2017

The now-unused wooden truss-bridge over the Mangemange Stream, near Tawhiti, Hawera. Until recently the bridge was partially hidden by now-milled pine trees.

A  sign on the bridge gives the public a suitable warning - see Image below.

Tenders for the construction of the bridge were called by the Hawera County Council in December 1907 - see advert (H&NS 18 Dec 1907) in Documents below. The only tender received  - from Robertson and Cave for £255   - was

Hursthouse Road.

Hursthouse Road 

It takes approximately 20 minutes to drive the 17.9 kilometres from central New Plymouth to Hursthouse Rd, which is located off Upland Rd, Tarurutangi.

The road was named after Charles Wilson Hursthouse, who was born in Norwich, England on 26 July 1841. On 31 January 1843 he was 18 months old when he and his parents arrived in Wellington on board the Thomas Sparks. The family settled in New Plymouth in April 1843. In 1855, aged 14, Charles joined the Survey


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