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Weka Street.

Weka Street 

Weka Street, at the end of Fitzroy Road, lies adjacent to a southern boundary of the Fitzroy Golf Club. Today it's a short no exit street, but it wasn't always intended as such.

The street is shown in survey plans as early as the 1890s. They were drawn up for Mr. William Courtney, a land owner in the Fitzroy area. Weka Street is shown as unformed, still only a proposed road.

It wasn't until 1920 that the New Plymouth

George - The Jack Russell Terrier.

George - The Jack Russell Terrier 

"George" - The Jack Russell Terrier

Bronze statue erected to the memory of "George", a Jack Russell terrier who was fatally injured while protecting two young boys from an attack by two other dogs on 29 April 2007. George's owner was Alan Gay of Manaia.

The statue was created by New Plymouth sculptor, Fridtjof Hanson and unveiled in October 2007. (See Document below)

On 11 February 2009 Alan Gay was presented with a PDSA Gold Medal, in acknowledgement of George's

Calvert Road.

Calvert Road 

In the 1840s the Wesleyan Missionary Society purchased land at Ngamotu. Today we know the area as the 'Whiteley Leases'. The eastern boundary was formed by a road subsequently named after a missionary called Calvert.

Reverend James Calvert was born in England in 1813 and dedicated his life to the Wesleyan missionary movement. He spent many years in Fiji and later South Africa, only visiting New Zealand in his latter years. Importantly, his fellow missionaries in New Zealand thought so highly of him that

H.H.Simpson Foundry 1950.

H.H.Simpson Foundry 1950 

This building was erected for the firm H.H.Simpson Ltd. A permit  was issued on 24 July 1950 to Mr Hector Henry Simpson for a 'foundry workshop' in King Street - Lot 11 DP1485. The estimated cost was £3,400 and the contractors were Roebuck Construction Ltd.

More recently the workshop has been occupied by Rylock Aluminium.

It was demolished in late February, 2017.  

The 'Grog Shop'.

The 'Grog Shop' 

This building was located on the corner of Powderham and Silver Streets - about where the entrance is to the present New Plymouth Courthouse. When it was demolished in 1961 it was said to be one of the oldest houses in New Plymouth.

The name comes from its reputation gained during the Taranaki Wars, when it was apparently used as a 'grog shop' by the Imperial regiments. It was later occupied by the stonemason, Phillip Moon, grandfather of long-time Taranaki Herald employee, Hercules Moon.

For many years the Department of Justice had owned land in the area and as


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